Defender Performance Fabrics

Introducing Stylus Defender - the ultimate performance fabric for residential interiors. The Defender process encapsulates every fibre with superior stain protection technology, These performance qualities won't wear or wash away because they're permanently bonded to every fiber for fabric that truly performs like magic. Defender does all this without changing the hand of the fabric giving you design options that aren't limited by fabric type and color.

Stylus Defender fabrics are free of potentially harmful levels of chemicals and flame retardants. And since we use non-leaching technology, our protective formulations will not transfer to skin or other fabrics

Cleaning Approaches

Professional cleaning is always the best choice for cleaning of upholstery. If self cleaning is preferred use the following approach.

Spot cleaning

  1. Blot away the excess mess with a dry, clean towel. Rotate frequently to avoid transferring the stain.
  2. Mix together a simple soap and water solution. We recommend mixing ¼ teaspoon enzyme laundry detergent, like Tide® or Cheer®, with 1 cup warm water.
  3. Apply the solution using a spray bottle and agitate with a soft bristle brush.
  4. Blot with a clean towel and rinse. Repeat if necessary. And remember, soap attracts dirt so make sure to rinse thoroughly.

For dried stains remove dirt or residue by brushing lightly or vacuuming. Professional, hot water extraction is recommended for general soiling

Defender fabric