About Stylus - FAQ'S

Frequently Ased Quesions


  • Can I buy directly from Stylus?
    Our products are only available through selected dealers across Canada and the United States. We do not sell directly to the public, or via our web site. Please use our website as a reference for all of the products that Stylus offers.

    Retail furniture stores are valuable sources for advice, design assistance, and delivery and setup services. Stylus sells its products through authorized retailers across Canada and the United States. A complete listing of locations in your area can be found through our Locate a Dealer.

  • Where can I find the Stylus retailer nearest me?
    There are Stylus dealers all across Canada and the United States. Simply fill out the form on our Locate a Dealer page, and we will send you a list of Stylus dealers in your area.

  • How quickly will Stylus product ship?
    Generally, your order will ship in four to six weeks. This is assuming that your fabric is in stock. Shipping time to your dealer will vary on their location.

  • Do you do custom work?
    We are able to personalize all of our fabric upholstered sofas to meet your needs. The one item we will not change, is the physical dimensions of our product.

  • Why does Stylus discontinue certain collections or specific collection pieces?
    In an attempt to meet he needs of our customers, we introduce new products two times a year. Unfortunately, to make room for the new styles, we must discontinue some as well. Once we have discontinued a style, we can no longer produce it. Please be sure to visit an authorized Stylus dealer to try some of the many other styles of furniture that we make.

  • Do you offer sofabeds?
    Yes, many of our styles are available in Queen, Double, and Twin sofabed sizes. Please check the Sofabed Gallery on our website, to see what styles are available as sofabeds.

  • Can Stylus provide me with pricing?
    Stylus does not establish retail price points for our products. To receive pricing on our products, you must contact a dealer.

  • Where can I get the status of my furniture order?
    You must contact your dealer regarding the status of your order.

  • My cushions are firmer than the ones on the floor sample in the store. Why?
    As most stores keep their floor models for several months, the cushions soften with handling and testing. With time and usage, the cushions on your furniture will soften up as well. To speed up this process, place your cushions on the floor and bounce on them with your knees. This will help to break the foam in more quickly.

  • How can I check on product availability or fabric availability?
    Please contact your local dealer for any product availability. They will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

  • Can I purchase fabric yardage?
    You can purchase Stylus fabric from any authorized dealer. All of our fabric is sold by the yard.

  • I've had a problem with a Stylus product I purchased. What steps should be taken to get it repaired?
    In every situation possible, the best path to follow for questions or problems after your product is delivered is to contact the retailer where you purchased your furniture. They will be the best source for helping solve your problem.

    If you have any problems with furniture, please contact the retailer you purchased your furniture from. They will work with us on your behalf. To obtain parts, please make a request through the dealer who sold you the furniture.

  • If I give you my name and contact info, how do I know that you will not give or sell my information to other companies?
    Stylus has the utmost respect for your privacy. We promise never to sell your contact information to anyone. Once we have responded to a request for information, all of your personal information, such as emails, is permanently deleted.

  • I saw a leather style that I really liked. Can I get this style in Fabric?
    Unfortunately, as we are only able to produce so many styles, we have to be selective as to what we offer in leather and fabric. Anything that is shown in leather is only available in leather, and the same goes for fabric styles.


  • How do I care for my Stylus Furniture?
    To make your furniture last longer, we recommend you rotate your seat and back cushions every month. We also recommend that you regularly vacuum your fabric lightly with your vacuum's upholstery attachment.

  • How do I clean my fabrics?
    Stylus recommends having your furniture cleaned by a professional cleaner. Never remove cushion covers for cleaning.

  • Will sunlight affect the colour of my sofa?
    Sunlight will fade fabric faster than fabric not exposed to direct sunlight.

  • Can I order my Stylus furniture in another cover than what I have seen?
    Yes, almost all of Stylus' upholstery products are available in any fabric. We carry over 400 different fabric styles and colours in stock. Please visit your local Stylus dealer to view our entire fabric and leather selections.

  • Can I order additional pillows for my sofa?
    Yes, you are able to order additional pillow for your sofa. We offer several different styles and sizes of toss pillows, all available in our regular Stylus fabrics, as well as COM.

  • Does Stylus offer re-upholstery service, or can you refer me to a reputable re-upholstery company?
    Stylus does not offer re-upholstery services, nor do we provide recommendations of local providers.

  • Can I supply my own fabric (COM) when ordering upholstered Stylus furniture?
    Yes, we do accept COM (Customers Own Material). Please speak to the dealer that you are purchasing your furniture from, to ensure that you are sending enough yardage. Yardage needed will depend on the width of the fabric, as well as the repeat of the pattern.

  • The dimensions of the furniture that I received varies from the dimensions listed. Why?
    What makes Stylus furniture so unique is that every upholstery piece is handcrafted at our factory. Because of this, dimensions are always approximate, and may vary by up to one inch. Furthermore, when we do measure a piece we will round up to the next full inch. This is to prevent having pieces too large to fit through a space.


  • Can I order my Stylus leather furniture in another cover than what I have seen?
    Depending on the leather piece that you are ordering, you may be able to special order it in different leather colours, or different leathers. Please speak with your local Stylus dealer to determine whether the leather style you are interested in is available in special order.

  • What is the difference between natural & protected leather?
    Natural Leather = Unfinished Leathers = More natural characteristics and shading differences. Protected Leather = Finished Leathers = Less natural characteristics and a more uniformed look.

  • How can I care for my leather upholstery?
    We recommend cleaning it using a neutral soap diluted with water. Use a dry, soft and white cloth. We do not recommend any type of conditioner, or chemical to be placed on the sofa. Simply dusting the sofa, and cleaning up spots when they occur should help keep your sofa looking good for its expected life. Remember that leather is a natural material that can change its appearance as it ages


  • What is the Stylus warranty?
    Stylus stands behind the integrity of every product and will work alongside dealers to assess the reason for any issue or problem and the best course of action. If you do discover a problem shortly after furniture delivery, contact your dealer for immediate attention. Click here to view our warranty.